We'll Take Professional Surveillance for You

Find out who is telling the truth in your case


Clear hidden devices out of your personal spaces.


Check in on a person of interest in your case.

Choose Private Sector Surveillance & Counter Surveillance

We have more than 25 years of surveillance and counter surveillance experience

InfoMAX Investigations & Bug Sweeps is a surveillance specialist based in Schaumburg, IL. We have more than 23 years of experience debugging homes, hotel rooms and other spaces. We offer top-quality surveillance to protect your credibility in cases of personal injury, domestic disputes and workers' compensation situations.

We are part of the NCISS association, also known as The National Council of Investigation and Security Services. You can count on us to provide investigation and debugging services in a professional and confidential manner. Call 847-301-1475 today to begin debugging or surveillance services.

4 Reasons to Choose InfoMAX Investigations & Bug Sweeps Services

What do you look for in a surveillance expert? You can put your trust in InfoMAX Investigations & Bug Sweep Services because:

  1. We're certified to offer private sector work in several different states.
  2. We're certified by the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Services.
  3. We're part of The National Council of Investigation and Security Services.
  4. We work on personal injury, domestic and workers' compensation projects.