Is Someone Spying On You?

Is Someone Spying On You?

We offer professional debugging services

InfoMAX Investigations & Bug Sweeps offers a wide variety of debugging and bug-sweeping services. One of the most crippling fears and debilitating thoughts that a person can possibly entertain is whether their private conversations or personal activities have become known to outsiders. How can this be happening?

InfoMAX Investigations & Bug Sweeps can sweep your residence, business, meeting and conference rooms, hotel rooms, and vehicles. Call InfoMAX Investigations & Bug Sweeps at (847) 301-1475.

Have You Been Bugged?

InfoMAX Investigations & Bug Sweeps can give you peace of mind to know for certain whether or not there are any hidden listening devices, illicit microphones, unwarranted audio recorders or surreptitious frequency transmitters in your personal surroundings as well as whether there are any covert video cameras (whether they are wired or wireless), unauthorized motion detectors or GPS trackers on your vehicle that could possibly be monitoring your private circumstances.

Is Someone Listening to your private conversations?

InfoMAX Investigations & Bug Sweeps has all of the latest state-of-the-art equipment in the investigative specialty of
TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures). We can detect electronic bugging whether it is currently ON, or remotely
turned OFF at the time. Furthermore, our technicians stay up-to-date with constant retraining and required follow-up certifications
within this most sensitive and important legal service.

We offer regular bug-sweeping services

Protect the liability of your company or business by having regular debugging services performed to uncover any hidden bugs, cameras or listening devices. From corporate boardrooms to locker rooms, there are bad people who would like to hear and see what's going on in these private spaces. InfoMAX Investigations & Bug Sweeps can perform regular bug-sweeps to ensure your privacy is protected. Call today to learn more about our bug-sweeping and electronic countermeasure services.